Domenick Tonacchio is a seasoned real estate professional with over 30 years experience operating in both construction and property management. As the owner of Tona Construction and Management, Domenick and his team are dedicated to preserving Brooklyn’s historic past while helping to shape the future of the borough.

In 1985, Domenick Tonacchio began his successful construction management career, when he became the Founder and President of DT Supply. During this time, Domenick played a major role in the plumbing supply business. Eager to take on new challenges, with a goal of diversifying his business holdings, Domenick formed a sister company, DT Bath Plus Corp, leading to the creation of the largest kitchen and bathroom showroom in Brooklyn.

In addition to his business holdings, Mr. Tonacchio has remained heavily involved in the real estate business for over three decades. Beginning the creation of Tona Development and Construction, Domenick served as the General Contractor and Construction Manager for the firm. He purchased a number of family buildings in Brooklyn, all of which were in need of major renovation.

The renovation and constructions of these projects were all completed by Tona Development & Construction LCC. Mr. Tonacchio and his firm have continued to manage these properties after the completion of construction, allowing them to continually create and increase the value of their real estate portfolio. Over the past several decades, Domenick Tonacchio has successfully renovated and managed a growing list of highly sought after properties all across Brooklyn.

Domenick and the team are most proud of the resurrection of Brooklyn’s first boutique hotel, which is located right in the heart of Park Slope. The sleek, modern, and elegantly appointed hotel is once again able to welcome overnight guests for years to come.

Tona Construction and Management prides itself on utilizing a modern building approach that integrates seamlessly into the distinct row house style that is synonymous to Brooklyn’s heritage. Domenick Tonacchio enjoys having the opportunity to help sculpt the neighborhood through the development of clean, efficient, and beautiful housing.

From the strength of the foundation to the most minute of crown molding details to the quality life our structures can bring a family. Domenick and Tona Construction and Management are fully engaged in helping improve the lives of those in their community, in every way possible.

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